Who is behind?


Me, the founder of Studio Aune and also the design brand Hanne Aune www.hanneaune.com is a Norwegian girl living in Sweden. I have a diploma in graphic design from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm 2013, and in illustration from NKH in Trondheim 2011. Before that, I worked as a nurse and longed for more creative problem-solving.

As a person, I am a combination of a philosophic dreamer and a structured and strategic thinker. If you want a design with a thought behind, you should hire me! When I do my own drawings and art-stuff, I try to think as little as possible and just let my hand speak what spontaneously comes to my mind. When it comes to graphic design for branding and marketing, it should be clear and honest communication.

I am curious and impulsive, I like asking questions and making people think, give new perspectives, making a difference. I am a doer and a problem solver. I can’t give up before I have tried every possible solution. That’s also why my style right now is quite broad, I need to try it before I know if I like it or not. I think I can draw almost everything. Just give me a clear task.

What is important for you as my customer, you can only have two of the following three:
– Good quality
– Cheap price
– Fast delivery

It is possible to discuss with me, I am flexible. Catch my passion with your project and we will find our agreements for both satisfaction! I live in Knivsta between Stockholm and Uppsala. So meetings face to face should be somewhere close to that.

Some of my clients I am working for right now: GetingeKvalitera and EOL Ventsystem.
Some earlier clients: Teletec Connect, Telenor, Le Pacte, Though Viking, Mammahjärtat and Palle’s 1:A hjälpen.

«Hanne supported our future scenario workshop with illustrations and realization in a web format. It helped the participants to accept the scenarios as plausible and engage with these visions.»
Heidi B. Schnurr, Director Strategic Marketing, Acute Care Therapies, Getinge.

I look forward to hear from you!